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      Our species page lets you view full details of a species easily in one place.

      Our species section profiles over 500 different marine fish, invertebrates and corals. From these profile pages you can check a species mains parameters including:

      • Acceptable temperature range.
      • Acceptable pH range.
      • Acceptable alkalinity.
      • Acceptable salt levels.
      • Minimum tank size.
      • Required care level.
      • Usual temperament.

      For corals it also shows recommended lighting, water flow and placement where appropriate.

      The common names section is where we list some of the names a species is more commonly known by. If the name you use is not shown then you can suggest it via the link provided.

      There is also a popular tankmates section which shows you which other species users of this website keep in the same tank.

      Finally there is a comments section so please feel free to leave any information that others may find helpful or post a question if you are unsure of anything.

      Please let us know if you find any incorrect information or have any suggestions for this section.

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