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      Our tank page helps you find compatible tankmates for your aquarium.

      Our tanks section lets you add several species to a tank and decide on the size. It then highlights any compatibility issues and lets you know if any species are too big for the tank.

      You can start building a tank using the form in the side panel of this page; you simply need to select an initial inhabitant as well as a tank size and then select "create tank".

      If we spot any problems with the tank it will be the first thing you see. A red box titled "This tank has the following issues:" will appear with details of any problems we have spotted.

      Next you will see an overview of the tank so you can quickly see what size the tank is along with its inhabitants. You can click on a species image to view it's profile, on the red cross to remove it or click on the tank size to edit it. There is also a button here so you can add a new species to the tank. Each tank will have it's own reference and URL so you can easily share tanks with your friends.

      Below this are the filters. Using these you can decide which results you want to see (by default you will see all results). You could for example choose to only see peaceful corals that are easy or moderate to care for and are compatible with the current tank. The filters do not affect the tank reference but do append some data to the URL so you can share your unique result set.

      Finally you will see the compatibility results. These are grouped into 'compatible', 'compatible with caution' and 'not compatible'. Each group shows a list of animal types along with the number of matching species in brackets. Clicking on an animal type will bring up an overlay showing the matching species. If you click on a species you will see the species' profile and from here you can add it to the tank and get an updated set of results.

      Why not recreate your own tank now and see what species are compatible with it.

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